Oregon State University

Brian Haley — Associate Professor (Sr. Res.)

Office: Burt Hall room 354
Tel: 541.737.2649
Email: bhaley@coas.oregonstate.edu

I am interested in all aspects of marine biogeochemistry, but focus on elemental and isotopic research of metals in nature.

Andy Ungerer — Manager

Office: Burt Hall room 268
Tel: 541.737.5225
Email: ungerer@coas.oregonstate.edu

Adam Kent — Professor and Laboratory Director

Office: 236 Wilkinson Hall
Tel: 541 737 1205
Email: adam.kent@geo.oregonstate.edu

High Temperature Geochemistry, Magmatic Systems, in-situ Chemical and Isotopic Analysis

Julie Pett-Ridge — Assistant Professor

Office: 3041 ALS Building
Tel: 541-737-1236
Email: Julie.Pett-Ridge@oregonstate.edu

Marta Torres — Professor

Office: Burt 2- 254
Tel: 541-737-2902
Email: mtorres@coas.oregonstate.edu

Alyssa Shiel — Assistant Professor

Office: Burt Hall Room 255
Tel: 541.737.5209
Email: ashiel@coas.oregonstate.edu