Oregon State University

Instruments and Accessories

The W.M. Keck Collaboratory for Plasma Spectrometry has four plasma spectrometers: Nu Plasma multi-collector ICP-MS, VG Elemental Axiom SC high-resolution ICP-MS, VG Elemental ExCell quadrupole ICP-MS, and Varian Liberty 150 ICP-AES.

Sampling devices include an excimer laser, ion chromatograph, custom-built shell-cleaning apparatus, and autosamplers.

This instrumentation represents the preeminent emerging technology in inorganic elemental analysis. A diverse group of collaborating scientists can access a new, world-class chemical analysis facility (including a clean room), interactively generating, interpreting and sharing technology, data, and ideas. High-speed switching and routing hardware can deliver nearly 10 Gb/s to each office/lab and a classroom, making it possible for real-time interaction between remote users and the facility instruments.

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